Freebies galore – No7, Soap & Glory, doughnuts & more

We uncover the hidden methods to bag completely free beauty products, food, electricals etc

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but they also said the Earth was flat. You really can get free grub (at all hours), and lots more for nothing, so we’ve updated our guides with the hottest freebies around…

New. Get free products if you test them – No7, Soap & Glory, electric toothbrushes & more. We’ve long explained how product-testing sites give freebies for your thoughts, incl meat, mascara, lotion and electric toothbrushes. But Boots now wants more testers for No7, Soap & Glory and more (which you’ll get to keep). We think this’ll be mega popular – though you’re not certain to be included. See Top Product-Testing Sites.

New. Free app searches multiple Freecycle & Freegle groups at the same time. People put unwanted items including unwanted electricals and furniture on these sites for you to grab for free. Joining several groups can yield the best freebies (especially if you’ve well-to-do neighbouring areas), but checking them all can be a faff. So we’ve found a handy Freecycle & Freegle combo app that lets you search lots of groups at once. Toni tweeted us about her haul: “Have had an ice-cream maker and a bread maker – I love me a bit of Freecycle.”

Can you get PAID to eat by going undercover as a mystery diner? No need for secret cameras. Restaurants such as Giraffe, Wagamama and Leon need guinea pigs to test their service. You usually get back what you spent and sometimes a little more – though spaces are limited. MoneySaver Nicola had great success: “In just a couple of months, I’ve had lunch and two A?35 dinners for free – I love it.” How to become a mystery diner

Free KFC, coffee etc via loyalty schemes and apps. You really can get a free lunch. So fill your boots – and stomach – at fast food joints, cafA�s, restaurants, supermarkets and more in our How to get free (or cheap) food guide.

Get easy, short-lived freebies incl doughnuts, dog microchipping and, er, mackerel. We include the best each week in this email – current corkers incl free Krispy Kreme doughnut, dog microchipping, tin of mackerel and, on your birthday, A?5 at Body Shop. And the forum’s Freebies (no spend) board has thousands of fans swapping tip-offs.

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