It’s taken me a while, but finally I’ve come to believe longer isn’t always better. For years when listingA�balance transfer cards, which cut the cost of existing debt, I’ve always led on the longest 0% deals.

Yet they charge a one-off fee, which has been as high as A?40 per A?1,000 shifted. And after years of 0% deals getting ever longer, now they’re shrinking. Today’s best is 36mths, a year ago it was 43mths.

The longest NO-FEE deals however have stayed stable at 28mths 0% – so for most, now, the extra length hardly justifies the fee. And as the direction of travel seems to be shorter 0%s, sorting sooner is safer. Here’s what you need to know…

  • With balance transfers the new card pays off existing credit and store card debts for you.A�So you owe it instead, but at 0%. This means your repayments clear the actual debt rather than just cover the interest, so you’re debt-free quicker. Usually you can shift up to 90% or 95% of the credit limit you get.
  • YOUR best-buy balance transfer cards.A�I’ve listed best buys below, but what counts is whatA�you’llA�be accepted for. OurA�Balance Transfer Eligibility CalculatorA�lets you home in on cards you’re most likely to get, minimising applications thus protecting your credit score.And shifting debt can save you large, as Adele tweeted:A�Just saved over A?1,200 in interest switching my card thanks to @MartinSLewis.”

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