Martin’s warning to EVERY UK worker aged 22+

How to take part

There are two ways to take part:

Online surveys for cash.A�All you have to do is sign up, wait for survey alerts to land in your inbox, then zip through the questions. Survey sites then add the cash or other rewards to your account. Polls are often fun a�� you get to vent about everything from video games to your sex life. For a full how-to, seeA�Survey SitesA�below.

Focus groups.A�Traditional market research focus groups pay much more per session, but you’re limited to a few a year. All it involves is giving opinions on the chosen subject, usually with free refreshments, and you can walk away with anything from A?30 to A?160. SeeA�Focus GroupsA�below for more.

Some inspiration…

Dedicated survey-stashers can make A?200 a year in cash and vouchers. Some forumites have even pushed it to the max and made A?800 a year.

While we don’t want to give the impression that this is a way to earn thousands instantly, a little bit of inspiration may help. Please add your successes to theA�Survey SitesA�forum discussion.

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